What Size of Integrated Wine Coolers Do I Need?

There are several sizes, styles, colors, and designs of wine coolers made by different brands, but making a good selection can be daunting, especially with numerous ideas online.

Once you can escape from this hook, everything else is good. But, before you order wine coolers, see the variety of wine coolers there are via winecoolershop.co.uk.

First, don’t think this article is one of those that just fill the internet space. Since you decide to buy an integrated wine fridge, you are making a really good investment decision that must not fail.

Integrated wine coolers are also called built-in or undercounter wine fridges. They are built to fit into existing cabinets and counter tables. You’ll need a good positioning for your integrated wine fridge, largely dependent on the size available.

Here are some factors that will determine the size of wine coolers you need:

1. The size of your wine collection

Of course, wine collectors will store more wines than avid drinkers. Therefore, if you buy a built-in wine fridge as a wine collector, you must have enough space. If you don’t have a space as wide as 24 inches, you may not be able to house 40-100 bottles of wine.

But, with 24 inches in width, you can get this done. 15-inch—to 18-inch wine fridges have front vents to let out the exhaust. A built-in wine fridge positioned where a dishwasher is occupied can contain a built-in wine fridge containing close to 100 wine bottles.

However, if you desire a bigger wine collection, you can create about a 30-inch wine cooler that can accommodate 188-300 bottles.

2. Costs

Bigger wine fridges would imply bigger capacity and, in turn, imply higher price. You shouldn’t overshoot your budget. Of course, you’ll need finance to run other installation costs and other things in the house.

There are several wine fridges that would fit perfectly into your budget yet offer you the best experience. Take time to read through customer reviews and make your preference according to these tips that have and will be provided for you.

3. Available Size

Consider the height, depth, and width you have created for your built-in wine fridge. Measure the available space before making your choice of wine cooler. You can also do well to double-check your measurements to ensure you’ve done it rightly.

If you desire a bigger wine collection, you should consider remodeling your kitchen. Remodeling may be highly costly, but you can bet it’s a good investment. When you want to put your house up for sale, it would add up to the value.


Built-in wine fridges aren’t mobile like the freestanding or countertop, so you must be keen and careful when making decisions. As your wine collection grows, you can move on to purchasing additional wine coolers. If you need help in installation, you can call experts to your aid.